Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Icebreaker

So, I finally caved. I made a blog, which I plan to dedicate mostly, if not completely, to nails, manicures, nail art, swatches, etc. I figure I might as well put my addiction to good use, since I can't even keep myself from buying colors on a whim. Not even during Lent....whoops.
If you know me personally, you know that my collection has started to grow exponentially since I started college. Now that I'm out, I've gotten to a point where there's no turning back. As I invest myself more and more into this "hobby", I plan to regale you all with tales of my journey.

My first OPI colors were the two you see at the right here - Significant Other Color, and Holy Pink Pagoda! as part of the "A Pose For Toes" gift set. I think I received this for my birthday one year, maybe in the early 2000's.  All I remember is that it was pre-"3-free" era, something you can definitely point out when you catch a whiff upon opening.

Given my long history with these 2 bottles, I have yet to part with them. I also hadn't opened Holy Pink Pagoda! in a while, which led me to this:

Never have I experienced or even heard of bristles detaching themselves and ending up IN the nail polish itself...needless to say, I had to scoop them out with a bent hair pin, resulting in serious loss of this now rare and discontinued least OPI is sending me a new brush. Luckily, I have yet to experience this travesty with its companion.

I'll swatch these when I have the time, and link to it here once I do. In the mean time, happy polishing!