Sunday, June 30, 2013

OPI "Sonic Bloom" - A Duochrome delight!

Today I'm bringing you OPI's "Sonic Bloom", a shade from their 2006 Brights collection. This Blue/Green/Gold/Purple hue is sheer, but well worth the patience of layering. It's a great color for summer, especially on toes. Because this polish was made before the whole 3-Free takeover, it is an older formula with all the smelliness to go along with it. However, I do find that black-label OPI's dry faster because of this method, so be wary of the harmful effects they could have on your nails by using a good basecoat. I would recommend using a ridgefiller for this 1. to get a great even surface and 2. to perhaps need fewer layers by providing a more opaque base to paint over. There was a bit of streakiness to it, but it was only visible in certain spots and lights.

I have 5 different shots of this color for your today, to show off all of its lovely facets and "personalities"!

The reddish reflection on the bottle was my shirt - stupid me!

What do you think? This has to be one of my favorite black labels by them because of its depth and overall wearability.

Happy Polishing!