Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MDW Nails - OPI "Speak For Your Elf!" and "Dating a Royal"

Hey all - sorry for the delay on my MDW mani, it's been a busy day! To get this look, I originally painted my pinky-pointer with Essie's "Marshmallow", which you can't see anyway, then used a fine-tip brush to apply stripes of OPI's "Speak For Your Elf!", a holiday Ulta exclusive red glitter jelly shade. I eventually did a couple rounds of touch up, and deciding marshmallow wasn't cutting it, I just used acrylic paint for the white stripes.

Thumb nail is OPI's "Dating a Royal", one of my absolute favorite favorite favorite indigo blue shades. It's a crelly kinda formula, and depending on how you use it, it could be a one coater. It also dries surprisingly quickly, with a high-gloss finish. The stars I did in white acrylic paint as well, that way if I messed any of them  up, water would fix it up real quick. What do you think?? Sorry about the cuticles looking a tad messy, this was right after I did them and I was in a rush to celebrate!

And of course, I hope you all took some time out of the holiday weekend to remember and honor those who died serving and protecting the great ol' USA!

Happy Polishing!