Monday, February 25, 2013

Finally in Oz!

Goodness...I meant to post this earlier but I finally got around to watching Silver Linings Playbook and man did JLaw deserve that Oscar...simply fantastic movie. Tough year for Bradley Cooper....he really gave the rest of the nominees a run for their money.

Regardless, my order from Trendy Hands came in the mail today! I ordered 4 of the 6 polishes from OPI's new Oz The Great and Powerful collection, not including the new Liquid Sand shade that I'll be getting shipped to my house March 1.

The two soft shades I picked up were "I Theadora You" and "Glints of Glinda". I definitely get what all the buzz was about, especially about Theadora...but Glinda is my favorite soft shade in a long time. The other two I got my hands on are "Lights of Emerald City" and "When Monkeys Fly".

 The formula on this was a bit thick, but still okay. I love the color, its a great soft pink that's perfectly wearable for any occasion. This is 3 coats with a coat of SV.

 This is "Lights of Emerald City" over Theadora. I have no idea what the other reviews I've seen were talking about, but this big glitters are a pain in the buns to work with. I really love this glitter, it looks so pretty in the bottle, but it was not easy to distribute. This is one coat.

 I then jumped on the sandwich bandwagon and applied another coat of Theadora. You can see the jelly-like  consistency of the color, though it still has a creamy look to it. It really tones down the white glitters and all but eliminates the iridescent ones.

Next up is "Glints of Glinda" - LOVE LOVE LOVE. This shade looked a little off on some of the swatches I've seen, but this turned out to be a perfect nude match for my skin tone. I will warn you however, that my nails have suffered a bit of yellowing from all my swatching.

This is 3 coats of Glinda with a layer of SV. I personally liked this after 2, but I tried to tone down my terrible yellow tips :( As you can see, it's a very pretty nude with more of a jelly consistency than a creme. The application on this was flawless. With Theodora I had some leveling issues on the first couple of layers, leaving me to make the third thicker and therefore a bit more opaque.

"When Monkeys Fly" over Glinda. I understand the issues with the big hex glitters, lots of complains about "tacoing", or the glitter curling off the nail. With a little patience, I was able to get most of them to curve down and therefore with the curve of my nail to make them as flat as possible. This is one layer of Monkeys, no top coat.

This is with another layer of Glinda - I almost like it better muted this way. However, the holo glitters become totally flat (not surprising) and it tones down the gold. I really wish my nails weren't so yellowed in these photos - I'll have to soak them a bit to get that out.

Along with these, I also purchased Essie's "Pretty Edgy" and China Glaze "Mimosas Before Manis" from their Avante Garden Collection. But I'll swatch those another day.

The other 3 polishes from this collection include "Don't Burst My Bubble", a white-ish jelly creme polish, and "Which is Witch?", another glitter topcoat consisting of silver hexes and thin thin holo bar glitters. Neither really drew me in. "What Wizardry Is This?" is the liquid sand color that came with this collection, a bronzy olive metallic liquid sand, unlike the Mariah Carey glitter-overload ones we've seen. I'm excited to get my bottle from OPI soon - I hear the texture on it is fun to pet :P I'll get a swatch up for that as soon as I receive it in the mail!

Happy Polishing!