Monday, June 24, 2013

Essie's "Butler Please" and my first Ruby Wing Experiment with "Eternal"

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These 2 colors I picked up on my birthday as a little treat to myself! I got Essie's "Butler Please" at Ulta with a $2 off coupon they emailed me, and I grabbed Ruby Wing's Eternal for $3 (!!!!) at Five Below - what a deal! Ruby Wing normally retails for $10 on their website....oooooo yeahhhh!

"Butler Please" - HOOOOOOLY BLUE! This color is super super fantastic and gorgeous - it came out as part of their Winter 2012/2013 collection. I feel like they picked this highly pigmented blue creme to break up the typical reds and golds and glitters you see in holiday collections, because this is such a perfect color for the summer! They've definitely used neon-type pigments in this color, as it dries to a satin-matte finish. This is opaque in 2 coats, which go on rather thick because of the formula. However, because it is a neon-pigmented color, it dries rather quickly (thank goodness). The formula almost reminded me of an actual acrylic paint as opposed to a nail lacquer, with that kind of thickness and smoothness. I applied SH Insta-dri over top to add some sheen. LOVE.

The next series of pictures documents the color-changing properties of Ruby Wing's "Eternal", a bright almost-neon aqua teal that shifts to a cool grayish color in direct sunlight. ** Note  - The first couple of photos are in sunlight through the window - the color did not shift until I was outdoors.

Ruby Wing is a part of Color Club nail lacquers, so you'll recognize the bottle shapes are similar with the difference being RW's gold branding and cap.

The formula on this was funny enough, similar to "Butler Please" above - went on nice and smooth, and was opaque in 2 coats. This however dries to the glossy finish below, and this color is actually a bit greener than these photos let on. The grayish color that it fades to you'll notice has a reddish-pink tinge to it, to neutralize out the greens in the indoor color. It was incredibly hot outside today so I didn't stay out long enough to let my nails fully shift, but you get the idea.


Outdoors - Incomplete shift

Outdoors (Shade) as it attempts to shift back to teal.
Since this was my first Ruby Wing (and at a STEAL) I'd say that if you're into the novelty of the color changing, then by all means invest. They have some really great colors in their stock, including ones that have less of a dramatic color shift, as well as ones that are scented like flowers after they dry....perhaps I'm just curious enough to check that one out!

Because I like the teal color of "Eternal" so much, I'm wondering if a UV blocking shield top coat will prevent the color from changing in the sunlight - I'll have to experiment with that at another time!

Are you loving these summer brights as much as I am?

Happy Polishing!
- Maggie