Sunday, August 18, 2013

Water Color Nail Art

First thing's first - I've decided to try out the rounded tip look for a while. I've always been a square/squoval kinda gal but with the latest trends leaning toward a more rounded look I figured why not? Especially when I can keep them so well guarded with a couple coats of RCM's "Camera Shy" for a nude, polished gel look.

So having seen quite a few of these manis pop up on the interwebs, I figured I'd take a shot at a "water color" mani (NOT to be confused with water marbling or anything of that sort. This one actually doesn't use water at all, but gives the appearance of the translucent paints typically look.

I kept the RCM gel "Camera Shy" as my base since I like the cloudy nude look it gives, but most manis like this use white or another pastel shade. Basically, acetone is used to break down the integrity of the polish to give it a thinner look and formula. Chrissy Ai has a great tutorial on YouTube:

And here's my look, using Nicole by OPI's "Selena" (Selena Gomez Collection), China Glaze's "Mimosa's Before Mani's" **grammar NIGHTMARE** and my rosy salvage of Essie's "Ship Til I Drop"! Notice how I didn't necessarily get the polish all the way to the edges of the nail and/or left bald spots...It just adds to the style! Next time I think I'll try different/complementary colors instead of the keeping them all in the same family. What do you think?

Happy Polishing!