Friday, August 30, 2013

Color Club "Moody Blues" Mini Quad + A Glittery Jazzed Up Mani to send off summer!

Hey everyone! Today I picked up the Color Club "Moody Blues" Mini quad from Harmon ($6.99...what a bargain!) This quad includes mini bottles of 3 shades of blue and then a glitter topper:

Blue-Topia: A Dark "warm" almost black navy. When I say warm, I mean it has more green tendencies than purple for sure. This one was a 2 coater, and a really nice color for fall/winter. A lot darker than any other navy I own for sure. And there wasn't too much bleeding or staining upon cleanup and removal! This is without top coat too - look how glossy it finishes!

Take Me To Your Chateau: A pale sky blue cream that reminds me a lot of "Borrowed & Blue" By Essie - though I would say this is actually a bit more blue. Formula was a dream, 2 coats.

Hydrangea Kiss: A pale periwinkle-lavender creme jelly which is a dream to apply and has a finish like glass. The color reminds me a bit of "You're Such A Buda-Pest!" by OPI, though this is more blue and absolutely reminiscent of hydrangeas for sure. This is 2 coats without top coat.

Si Vous Please: A tiny round iridescent glitter in a milky base. Nothing special, though when I finally applied it I realized that I don't have an exact dupe for it. I chose to apply this over Hydrangea Kiss as a moon gradient. No top coat (yet)!

I then decided this wasn't quite "party" enough for Labor Day Weekend, so I added a couple of more glitter coats, including OPI's "Pink Yet Lavender" and "" to jazz it up a bit!

I was a bit too lazy to clean up the glitter around the cuticles, but I really like the way this turned out! Which one from the quad is your favorite? How are you prepping your nails for the weekend?

Happy Labor Day, and Happy Polishing!