Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Favorite Nail Polish Color Combinations!

Hey all, I know, I know, it's been a while. Funds have been low, and therefore I haven't come by a lot of new color recently. However, I ordered my first Julep Maven box today, along with a couple of other colors on sale, so expect those swatches & reviews to be up here within the next 3-5 business days!

So, I started to think about my buying habits, and I've often realized that 1. I buy my polishes in pairs, often because of a two-for deal and 2. the polishes I buy tend to compliment each other in one way or another, especially with the current trends! Therefore, I thought I'd feature some of my purchased pairs, as well as some others from my current collection which I think go great together. You can pair these as nail-toe combinations, with color blocking, or accent nail manis!

1. butter LONDON "Snog" and "Dodgy Barnett": This one wasn't a 2-for deal, but they were on sale for $9 and the limit was 2, so these are the ones I picked! Because Dodgy Barnett is on the subtler side of the holo spectrum *no pun intended!* I'd say this follows a more metallic & bold color pairing trend. The rich red of "Snog" (one of my personal favorites) really pops against the subtle shimmer of DB.

2. Orly "Glowstick" and "Royal Navy" : Neon Neon Neon! I bought these 2 separately, but within days of each other. Naturally, yellow and blue are complementary colors, and what better way to celebrate summer than with neons? Royal Navy has a bit of a teal shimmer throughout which breaks up the solid neon blue quite nicely, and the shimmer itself is brought out a bit by the bright kick in the butt that Glowstick gives.

3. Essie "Cute As A Button" and OPI "Jinx" Liquid Sand: This is one I sort of made up out of nowhere, not following any trend, really. The most important thing about this color combo is that they both have a similar, if not the same base color, they're just different textures! Obviously Jinx adds a little more oomph with a gold shimmer and the liquid sand aspect, but I think this would be a great pairing for hands and feet if you wanted to stay more subtle up top but wanted a little more kick on the bottom.

Tommorow Never Dies and Goldeneye

OPI Ink and When Monkeys Fly

Suzi and As Gold As It Gets

4. Any purple and gold, specifically OPI's "Suzie and the 7 Dusseldorfs" "Tomorrow Never Dies", "OPI Ink" paired with OPI "Goldeneye", Essie "As Gold As It Gets", or OPI "When Monkeys Fly"-

Here's my thing about purple and gold - they just go well together. As evidenced by plenty of my previous manis, gold and purple are a perfect pairing, especially when I'm repping the Baltimore Ravens, or I'm just feeling really freakin' royal that day...I mean, what else says luxury other than a luscious royal shade of purple enhanced by some sparkly glowing gold glitter? Exactly.

5. Essie "Shop Til I Drop" (or my franken) and China Glaze "For Audrey": Once again, we find ourselves on opposite sides of the color wheel - I'll bring up a similar (yet drastically different) color combo up next, but you can almost always bet on teal and coral to be a great offsetting match.

6. Essie "Haute As Hello" and "In The Cab-ana": Aqua and a pale, bright orange. Perfect for summer, we're looking at one color that perfectly embodies the clear cool waters of basically any ocean paradise, as well as a color that basically has the word "hot" in it's name. Savvy?

EDIT: I have some swatches of the above combo HERE.

7. OPI "Glints of Glinda" and "A Definite Moust-Have" - I recently picked up the latter and will do a full swatch & review next week - for this pairing, we're talking neutral and bold. I wouldn't necessarily do an accent nail or color block mani with this combo, though Glinda looks chic and simple on nails while Moust-Have screams crazy and fun on toes.

What are some of your favorite color duos for summer?

Happy Polishing!