Monday, April 29, 2013

Dark & Stormy

After such a nice weekend, we got stuck with dreary and just blegh weather today - gray skies with the atmosphere basically spitting at us, not even full on rain. So I decided to share a few of the gray colors in my collection, as no other day would be more fitting!

First one up, you guessed it, Essie's "Power Clutch"! For some reason the color just came out SO dark on camera, clearly a whole lot darker than what's in the bottle. Its a solid dark gray cream that's opaque in 2, but took 3 for me to get it to level out since it's a bit old. No top coat in this picture.

This next one is Zoya's "Dove". I must say, I don't care much for the formula on this polish, it dries very fast and gets all clumpy in weird places because of it. I didn't bother using topcoat for this picture below, but this was 2 coats. A lot lighter than "Power Clutch", but strangely similar in formula.

Lastly is OPI's "Moon Over Mumbai" from their India collection. Thought not visible in the photo, and barely to the naked eye when dry, it's got a tiny bit of metallic loveliness to it that does wonders for the formula. This took 4 coats because it's very very sheer, but such a lovely "just darker than white" color. Super glossy without top coat as well.

Have any favorite gray polishes you think I should try? Let me know!

Happy Polishing!