Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Funday Swatches, plus Cult Nails Wicked Fast Speed Dry Top Coat!

Today I've got a few random swatches of polishes I've worn throughout the week, some old, some new. I picked up a few Orly shades at Ulta on Monday, and chose "Mirror Mirror", a nice creamy mid-gray to show off. I used Sephora by OPI's matte top coat over it to give it a cool stone effect. My only gripes about this polish was that the formula was less than desirable to work with...It was thick and didn't level out well.

Next up is a polish I've had for about a month, another from OPI's Euro Centrale Collection "You're Such A Buda-pest!". Its a bright periwinkle lavender creme with a barely there shimmer to smooth out the texture. This took quite a few coats as it went on really sheer. This is probably 4 coats with OPI top coat.

A couple of weeks ago, I got some ridiculous desire to check out Beautylish, one of those random cosmetics sites that helps promote and sell independent beauty brands. Turns out that when you sign up, you get a $10 credit to use within the next 48 hours or so - naturally, I clicked right on over to their Cult Nails section of the website and snagged their Wicked Fast Speed Dry Top coat, having heard amazing things and being a top rated product. Shipping was $5 so I essentially got it for half price since my credit covered the whole price to begin with!

When I got it in the mail yesterday, they sent it with a cute hand-written note! How adorable.

I decided to use the Cult Nails top coat with Illamasqua's "Rampage", a deep deep forest green crelly which I picked up on clearance at Sephora back in the spring. This lovely color took 3 coats to get this look, which in the shade can almost be mistaken for black. I really like this color though, and there's nothing else like it in my collection or in any collections I've seen lately. It finished with a decently high gloss on it, but I decided to add even more with the top coat. Oooh, Shiny!

It really did dry quite quickly, though make sure that each layer of polish you apply is dry before the next one - I did have some shifting at the tips on my right hand from scratching an itch I had, but nothing some good ol' fashioned licking couldn't handle! (Yes, licking, as in tongue action!) This'll be my go-to topcoat for quite some time!

Happy Polishing!
- Maggie