Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Today I've decided to post some old nail art that I had produced come up with over the summer - my nails are currently being "tame" for some job interviews.

This first one was a simple tape manicure - the base color is called "Tropical Breeze" from Old Navy. The stripes are painted and cut scotch tape. The silver glitter is a Betsey Johnson color, Sephora by OPI called "Sparkling Personality".

This next one is a simple glitter gradient, of "As Gold As It Gets" by Essie, over OPI's "Suzi and the 7 Dusseldorfs" from the Germany Collection.

This is also another sponge gradient manicure - "Need Sunglasses?" by OPI, H&M's "Peach Me Soon", and an unnamed Revlon Pink/Purple which I no longer own.

This one is a copycat of a manicure I saw on Pinterest. The Base Color is OPI's "Moon Over Mumbai", a soft metallic gray. The gold is Essie's "Shifting Power, with the spots and stripes done with Essie's "Licorice".

This last one is a manicure inspired by the New York Giants - the gray base is Zoya's "Dove", the blue accents OPI's "Dating a Royal", with red striping tape to tie it all together.

Happy Polishing!

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