Monday, March 25, 2013

Mixed bag - today's haul

The weather here today has been a bit dreary..snow in the morning and early afternoon, and just rain from there on out. I decided to cheer myself up a bit by picking up some new shades to share - hooray!

This first one is a straight-up, bubblegum pink. There's a slight shimmer to it that is barely visible, even in the sun...but I've been after this color for a while and just haven't seen it around. I present to you, "Selena" from the Selena Gomez collection of Nicole by OPI! I've been looking for a pink like this for a while, it just looks so yummy! It was a bit sheer, took 3 coats for opacity. This is without topcoat.

Next up is a polish that follows the flat glitter trend, and definitely the black and white trend. It's called "Black Tie Optional" by Hard Candy, ($4 at Walmart) - And it didn't dissapoint. I layered it over the above color, mainly because I love the black and pink look. This is just one layer, plus top coat. I'm excited to see how this would look sandwiched between Essie's "Marshmallow", just cuz I feel it'll have a cookies n creme look to it!

Lastly is actually from Sephora by OPI's 2010 Halloween Collection, called "If You've Got It, Haunt It". It's a black and silver/gunmetal microglitter with some slightly larger blue, teal, green, orange, etc etc etc glitters thrown in. Doesn't really scream Halloween to me, but I was able to get this for a steal at Marshall's for $3.99. After 2 coats of Gelous, I was able to seal it in nicely for the below photo. I really like this as a wearable glitter...not too ostentatious but still very pretty. I wish there had been more sun today so I could really capture the glimmer in it. This is 2 coats plus the top coat. You can see the colored glitters scattered throughout, quite brilliant.

Some lucky finds today, who knows what tomorrow will hold?

Happy Polishing!

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