Friday, March 15, 2013

Yesterday's Haul

So, I meant to post this yesterday - I really did. Dad had the day off from work and we had to run out to run errands....nail blog got tossed aside.

I took these photos planning to post them yesterday - I picked up both of these lovelies at Ulta...ON SALE. All butter LONDONs were $9...they're normally $14-$15 each. I KNOW.

First one up is "Snog", this color is just so stunning. The formula is flawless, this is 2 coats. A nice, creamy, raspberry red looks super yummy and delicious. And how can you not love the name? It was super shiny on its own, but this is with a layer of SV on top. This was such an impulse buy and I have no regrets.

"Snog" in sunlight
 Now, THIS ladies and gentlemen, is "Dodgy Barnett"...and when I looked to buy it I didn't realize it would be so holo-y. But, I love it! Definitely no regrets about this one either. Nice, smooth application, but took 3 full coats for opacity below. SV didn't dull this one either, though the first picture below I took when the sun decided to disappear :(. You can see the super fine glitter in it that makes it so brilliant as a silver alone, but I was able to capture the full linear holo-y goodness in the fluorescent lighting.
Cloudy sunlight
 Behold, rainbows. Oooh. Ahh. It's soft, but it's there! I promise it's stronger in direct sunlight, like all holos. The subtlety of it might actually make me love it that much more.

Fluorescent Lighting
Overall, this was SUCH an impulse buy for both and I regret neither. I can only imagine how cute "Snog" is going to look on my toes come flip-flop season! And a silver-based holo is an absolute essential these days.

All in all, a successful day of shopping - Happy polishing!


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