Friday, May 3, 2013

Recent Purchases

First off, you may have noticed that we are officially operating on ""! This domain name is officially mine and nobody can take it from me for a whole entire year! Thanks to everyone for your support, I'm glad I can pour myself into this and know that people will be checking in!

So this week I've been picking up randoms and strays that I happen to find on sale...most are satisfying purchases....however, some are definitely not. Here's what I dug up this week:

This first one I purchased on Tuesday from a Rite Aid while I was biding my time on my lunch break from jury duty (yay!). It's a scattered blue sheer jelly holo from Wet n' Wild called "Blue Wants to Be A Millionaire"..apparently all of the colors in this collection have equally as witty puns as names...all based on TV shows. This is part of their "fastdry" collection, available at most if not all drug stores. Just looking in the bottle you could tell how sheer this is, so I used Orly's ridgefilling base coat to help build the opacity. This is about 4 layers, with a layer of OPI Top Coat over it.

You can definitely tell in the second shot how fun this is in the sun... there's also a pinkish scattered holo in this collection but it was a tad too muted for me. Definitely liked this for the price, @ $1.99!!

The next 3 are all Essie shades which are old old old...they were on clearance for $3.99 at the supermarket!

This one is called "Raisinnuts" looks a bit more winey than raisin-y to me, but to each his/her own. I liked the formula on this, took only 2 coats and that shine on it is sans-top coat...some Essies are super glossy, like this one! Winner.

 This next color I really love - though it doesn't look too unique, and really reminds me of "Snog" by butterLONDON, I just cant get over how bright it is...its a cool red creme, but definitely bright with a ridgefilling base coat underneath to help it along. The formula was great, 2 coats and super glossy without a topcoat as well. This is called "Rose Bowl", by fitting for such a lovely shade. Definitely a color for my toesies this summer!

Alas, occasional we come across shades we think we'll love, and they disappoint us. This is most definitely one of them - I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking, I guess I didn't expect it to make my nails look so darn yellow and diseased (ugh!).  I've also seen varying swatches of this, some more pink than this case I got stuck with the not-so pink. Super not flattering, and this is as opaque as I could get it. Vom. I think it would look way better on someone with a darker skin tone, so this is up for grabs if anyone wants it...I'll sell it for a dollar...50 cents, anything.

Sorry the photo is blurry....I was frustrated.

Ever have any polishes that you absolutely HATED? Let me know! (Mainly so I can avoid them!!)

Happy Polishing!

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