Monday, August 19, 2013

Blue & Yellow Neon Gradient Manicure

This manicure uses only 2 colors - Essie's "In The Cab-ana" (CLEARLY a favorite for me this season) and Orly's "Glowstick". Starting off with a nice coat of OPI's "Alpine Snow" to give the colors some pop, I made it a bit easier on myself by keeping the index and ring fingers solid while sponging the blue/yellow combo on only 3 nails...keeping the colors aligned with their neighbors for a gradient effect.

To get the colors this opaque and blended, you really need to go over them a few times with the sponge, and make sure the polish isn't all soaked up by the sponge either! You don't want A. pieces of sponge coming off cuz it's sticking to your nail or B. no colors to show up at all - make sure you apply a real good coat of the polishes on the sponge each time you dab - and don't forget to clean up afterwards!

Happy Polishing!

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