Friday, September 5, 2014

Football is here!

Hey guys, here's a quick look at my football manicure - with the season kicking off this week, I didn't want to be impartial to just ONE team!

This look is super easy to achieve. All you need is 1. Light brown polish (I chose "OPI Score's a Goal!" from their Brazil collection, since it has a nice reddish tint to it) 2. A Dark brown polish (I chose Essie's "Lady Godiva, honestly my favorite deep dark brown) 3. White nail striper and 4. Top coat!

Paint your nails with the lighter brown polish. I wouldn't worry TOO much about patchiness, but you do want a good level opacity. Then, using a fine-point dotting tool, use the dark brown polish to add dots! I like to let it thicken up a bit so that the dots add some texure. THEN, I apply the topcoat before adding the laces with my white striper...It might just be me, but the top coat tends to drag out and streak my white, no matter how long it's been left to dry.

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Polishing,


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