Monday, April 15, 2013

Old Navy Spring Frosty Trio Swatches!

So, working at Old Navy, I decided to swatch their trio of mini's that we've gotten in...This trio oddly brings me back to the days of my obsession with the Powerpuff Girls, mainly just because of the colors they chose!

"blue" "green" and "pink"
I know, the color names are so original....This trio retailed for $7.50 and each bottle is 7ml/.24 fl oz.

My first swatch of the pink shade took 3 layers for this look. All of these swatches I did over Orly Ridgefiller to hopefully make a more opaque base for these sheer shades. Because of the mini bottles, the brushes were tiny, though I'm glad that the frostiness of these colors didn't leave any visible brush marks. Formula was good, sheer, but not too thin. Quick drying.


This one took 4 coats - I had really hoped the opacity would build a bit more with the green, but as much as I tried I really couldn't get it to a point where I absolutely loved it.

 My favorite, and the easiest to get to opacity. Looks even brighter and more brilliant in direct sunlight!
Out of the 3, the blue was my favorite - The pink was okay, I liked the softness of it. The green however was a little too yellowish for my taste. Overall, I think these were a winner, since I don't often like frosty polishes.

What do you think?? Worth the $7.50 investment?

Happy Polishing!

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