Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yesterday's haul - fun colors for spring!

So yesterday I decided to enjoy the nice weather and drive out to pick up some new's what I came up with!

First off, NOTD (yesterday) - A classic navy blue that is a must-have for any collection, OPI's "Russian Navy". Though you can't see it in the photo, this deep metallic navy also has some red metallic accents, making it absolutely brilliant in bright sunlight. It's super opaque and dense, and therefore causes a bunch of staining upon removal. This was 2 coats I believe.

Here are the colors from my haul - 

Essie - Fear or Desire (Summer 2012)...I got this baby on markdown for $5...Aaaaaalright! I'm not a big orange polish person, though I really do love this one. Nice formula, easy to control. Did need a few coats, especially to cover up any staining left over by the above polish. Worked well with my skintone, definitely one worth keeping around for the upcoming months!

The next polish I picked up you might recognize from OPI's EuroCentrale collection (I'm now up to 4 from this group, I really love the colors)...."You're Such A Budapest!". I decided I needed a nice purple for this season, and man does this one fit the bill! Only needed 2 coats, and though it's not quite visible in the photos below, there's a tiny bit of shimmer to this one (just like "Suzy's Hungary...Again!"). Absolutely stunning color...I can't imagine this looking bad on any skin tone.

Lastly is a bright red-pink neon from Orly. I love their re-brand, it's a lot more bold to match their sleek salon style, and they've kept the rubberized grips on their brushes as well. This color is "Passion Fruit", a super yummy and delicious electric watermelon color. Below you can see how it dries, much like other neon polishes to a not quite glossy but not totally matte finish. I ended up using a coat of Gelous on this afterwards to seal in the jelly juicy deliciousness of this polish. This took about 3 coats to get totally opaque. I can't stop looking at it! Can't wait to use this polish on my toes this summer.

What do you think? 

Happy Polishing!

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