Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Funday's Gilded Tips - OPI's "I Theadora You" and "Glitzerland"

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I'm featuring a simple yet elegant manicure that I randomly came up with after deciding I got bored with a solid color. No offense to "I Theadora You", its a lovely pink crelly, however it took about 4-5 coats to get it totally opaque on my nails and after that I kinda just got bored with it. Therefore, I decided to jazz it up a bit with a thin gold tip, a look that I think I very well might feature in my upcoming wedding-looks post. I know, I keep promising it, and I still haven't finished.

I think these colors go really well together, given the fact that my skin tone wouldn't warrant me wearing "Glitzerland" on it's own, since it leans a bit greenish. However, with the pink balances it out quite nicely.
Indirect Sunlight

Hope you like!

Happy Polishing!

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