Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My first Franken - salvaging my bottle of Essie's "Shop Till I Drop"

For the loyal followers of my blog, some of you may remember my less-than lovely experience with a bottle I had purchased of Essie's "Shop Till I Drop". I admit, I hadn't done proper research on the color and though that due to the sheerness of it, the color in the bottle wouldn't have such a dreadful effect on my nails...FAIL.

To jog your memory, here's what it looked like when I purchased it - according to my boyfriend, my nails look "diseased"...he couldn't have been more right - ew!

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Deciding that I couldn't just throw it away, I made an attempt to salvage it and turn it into some of the other swatches I had seen of it, more of rosy pink.

 Funny enough, I ended up using another color I had obtained in that same purchase, Essie's "Rose Bowl" along with a bit of Essie's "Carry On" to dilute the color a bit.

Here's how it turned out! I currently have it painted over Red Carpet Manicure's "Camera Shy", a cloudy nude base color I figured would work well considering it's basically the same as my natural nail color. For those checking in, my current RCM manicure is almost 2 weeks in and still going strong!

A little more pinky than "Cute As A Button", this shade is probably my absolute new favorite, and it's not even a buyable shade! It's got such a yummy juicy jellyness to it that I can't bear to part with it now! Though I may go out and still buy the original "Shop Till I Drop" if I ever come across it, this jelly pinky color just reminds me so much of a ripe watermelon that I'm keeping it around for summer!

Anybody got a clever name for this one? I'm taking suggestions!

Happy Polishing!

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