Thursday, October 24, 2013

Under the Sea with Revlon's "Wintermint" from the Parfumerie Collection!

Hi everyone! Thanks for being so patient with my posts - I've recently started yet ANOTHER job and so it's become increasingly harder to find time to share my nail lovin'!

By the way...THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping Hey Look At My Nails reach 10,000 pageviews!!!

I started this manicure off with a base of Revlon's "Wintermint" from the newly released Parfumerie collection. I'm totally sold on the gimmicky scented nail polish trend - especially when they look like this!

Let's just say Revlon seems to have taken a bit of inspiration from a certain $19-a-bottle polish company. Though they've definitely sweetened the deal (aside from the $4 price) by adding a yummy mint scent, plus these CUTE CUTE perfume-like bottles!!!
This was 3 coats I believe, with no topcoat.

After that, I decided to get a little more creative by adding a bit of a sponge gradient with OPI's "Tiffany Case" from their Bond Girl Liquid Sands collection. The round blue glitters in both polishes added a real nice, seamless gradient look to this style.

Finally, I used butterLONDON's "Knackered" to add nice little bubble accents coming up from the "depths"...I especially love the iridescence of Knackered, especially since it's typically used as an "oil slick" top coat. They've recently released something similar called "Petrol" , though it's deeper in color and doesn't feature the same micro-glitters as Knackered. And they both look super fab over black!

I hope you enjoy this manicure - sorry for the blurriness in some of the pictures, glitter is hard to capture!

Happy Polishing!

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