Thursday, November 7, 2013

College Football Nail Art Ft. my sister!

Hi all! Today I'm sharing with you a couple of looks that I've created in recent weeks, one for my homecoming at Rutgers University, and one for my sister as she goes to see her Terps at the University of Maryland.

Rutgers Manicure: The Lineup

Silver: Sephora Color Hit Nail Polish - "Bling Bling"
Red: Red Acrylic Paint - Americana Acrylic Paint in "Country Red"
Black: Black Acrylic Paint - brand unknown

First, I started off with 2 coats of Bling Bling on each nail. I then took a cuticle scissor (since the edges are quite sharp) and scratched up the tips of each nail (minus the thumb). Once I felt they were sufficiently "beaten up", I wiped black acrylic paint over them to fill in the gashes.

I then used striping tape and a small detailing brush to create the double stripes down the middle of each nail. I made the R logos as decals using the ziploc bag technique.

Ah, NOW the scratches make sense.

Maryland Manicure: The Lineup
Silk wraps, then OPI Gel Polish in "The Spy Who Loved Me" (Skyfall Collection 2012).

Decals are all Americana Acrylic Paints. Cadmium Yellow, Titanium White, Country Red, and Black.

My work in progress :)

The finished product: sorry for the lousy instagram photo :(

What do you think? Which teams should I do next?

Happy Polishing!

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